The next-gen Saas solution for Serialization and Track & Trace

A flexible Serialization and Track & Trace solution for every business

The next-gen Kvinta Mobile Solution


Kvinta is a modern, flexible SaaS solution that addresses the traceability and serialization needs of businesses across the supply chain in various industries.
Kvinta easily integrates into the company's IT landscape and business processes, onboards supply chain partners, and reports to the government systems, mitigating risks and creating opportunities.

What do you get with Kvinta?

Kvinta makes you T&T ready

“T&T ready” means being able to track all relevant activities that happen to physical units with a unique identity, to identify their current status and location, as well as to trace their history, and to exchange such information with supply chain partners or authorities in case regulations require to do so.



Supply chains became the subject of optimization many decades ago. Track & Trace as a tool helps to understand where to apply additional efforts to improve processes based on the naturally generated process data as part of a supply chain visibility. Kvinta provides a certified and proven method to bring your supply chain digitalization to a new level of transparency.
Many famous brands are affected by counterfeits, but not only big brands need tools to improve and preserve the trust of their customers. Brand protection is about brands and is about consumers as well. Kvinta, as a next-gen T&T solution, provides features to secure a supply chain and authenticate products by consumers.
Compliance with regulations forces businesses worldwide to look for consultancy and solutions. Different markets and industries are obliged to follow specific T&T rules, varying from the most simplistic to highly complex. Kvinta is designed to cover all scenarios and offers industry/market-specific features.
Track &Trace allows companies to build a direct connection to consumers via communication on products that is precise, up-to-date and interactive. Kvinta, as an enterprise-level software solution, orchestrates the data and connects unique serial numbers to the marketing\service information for consumers making the serial number a service getaway.


Kvinta comes with industry specific features. Choose your market and country. more
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Traceability as a concept is nothing new. But the real and expected scale of its application, together with the complexity of supply chains across markets are the challenges Kvinta is built to deal with. Kvinta is able to handle billions of messages with a growing size of every message from tens of thousands of parties. There are at least three reasons for Kvinta being a true next-gen solution for Track & Trace.
In the fast-changing world, Flexibility is the key. Kvinta is based on the technology that gives the deployment process unprecedented flexibility. The solution is designed to provide a mix-and-match approach, which reduces maintenance, cloud infrastructure, and regression testing costs. It can include client-specific logic and change the design of the tailored solution in the future. The cost-efficient model of Kvinta reflects the requested load on the system and market-specific conditions.
The proven stack of technologies and embedded scalability concept enables Kvinta to be a top-performance solution. Kvinta can automatically balance the system's load for all its time-critical operations, including the validation process, data mapping, reporting, etc. The efficiency of data storing and distributed data processing is Kvinta's key to scaling. Kvinta automatically scales the processing capacity according to the business demand regarding data volume and rolls out new functionalities without impacting downtimes.
Kvinta is a SaaS with a powerful built-in mobile solution available on standard Android devices. The mobile solution supports all the main operations and can include business-specific logic. With the device management you can seamlessly add external parties to your application, e.g. let suppliers or partner companies integrate with Kvinta without any additional effort. The Mobile solution interface is supported by the web portal interface for data management, control and reporting purposes.


The GAC Group is a privately-owned company specializing in delivering high-quality shipping, logistics, and marine services to customers worldwide. GAC Group is constantly digitalizing its supply chains with proven solutions. Compliance readiness is crucial for GAC Group's business with its global and local clients from regulated industries. As an effective and modern solution, GAC Group chooses Kvinta for warehouse operations in the Middle East (Bahrain). Kvinta has the required functionality, including a mobile solution, and was tailored to the specific on-site GAC business processes. GAC Group highly values the professional team of Kvinta and its ability to match the requirements and project delivery timings.
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Our already long-term partnership with 3KEYS enables us to have smooth supply chain operations under a complex regulatory Track & Trace framework, such as EUTPD, new UK regulations, and others. 3KEYS delivers operational and project support via highly skilled resources with proven expertise and knowledge in both technical and business regulatory aspects. We appreciate the reliability, flexibility, and self-steering of the 3KEYS team!
To implement the labeling project, we chose the 3KEYS team and the cloud solution KVINTA. It was important for us to support import processes and work with contract manufacturing in accordance with legislative requirements. KVINTA proved to be a flexible product that works without failures. The solution was integrated by the 3KEYS team clearly and promptly.
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