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We ensure the authenticity of products to create a safe and sustainable environment for our clients and their customers.

To do that we provide businesses with a tool to secure their own supply chain by making it transparent for analytics and optimisation.

The transparency gives people the opportunity to control the authenticity of the products and brings businesses the advantage of a higher efficiency and a faster adaptation through advanced data usage.

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Kvinta is a brand-new platform independent SaaS solution from renowned industry experts that addresses the traceability and serialization needs of businesses throughout the supply chain.

Factory Warehouse/
Market Warehouse:

To be able to track and trace your products your company needs to detect all Inbound/Outbound activities in your internal Supply chain by scanning products and Aggregated and Disaggregated Data will be automatically submitted into the respective Data Cloud by Kvinta. In the unlikely event of product returns from the Market Kvinta will manage the respective data flow as well. Your company’s transparency on the compliant flow of products through the Supply chain will be ensured by the comprehensive reporting functionalities of Kvinta.

The main processes are:

  • Outbound/Inbound scan
  • Submission of Data into a data cloud
  • Aggregation/Disaggregation of data on different packaging level
  • Return Management
  • Various Reporting Functionalities
3rd Party Logistics:

If you integrate 3rd Party Logistics Providers in your Supply Chain, such as distributors and transport companies Kvinta will ensure a smooth integration for Data Exchange to the IT Landscape of these companies via standardized interfaces/connectors. This will keep the flow of data consistent.

The main processes are:

  • Outbound/Inbound scan
  • Submission of Data into a data cloud
  • Aggregation/Disaggregation of data on different packaging level
  • Return Management
  • Various Reporting Functionalities
  • Data Exchange with 3PL via Interfaces

The track and trace processes include point of sales as the last point of tracking. Your company is able to have the seamless and fast info flow concerning the last point of the secured supply chain using Kvinta. In the unlikely event of product returns from the Market Kvinta will manage the respective data flow as well.

The main processes are:

  • Inbound scan
  • Submission of Data into a data cloud
  • Aggregation/Disaggregation of data on different packaging level
  • Return Management
  • Various Reporting Functionalities

To protect your brand and fight the illicit trade your company is able to give a customer the ultimate tool. Using the Kvinta app your customer could ensure he\her has a genuine product and take a part in your marketing activities. Kvinta addresses these needs in a user-friendly manner.

The main processes are:

  • Secure Product Authenticity
  • Provision of Information of Product Flow (if applicable)
  • Marketing activities engagement

It is beneficial to be able to trace the final product to its ingredients. Your company has this opportunity now using Kvinta. This would give you a totally new level of the management of product returns as well as an efficient way to ensure the legal or company’s requirements will be met.


As a manufacturer your company has to request unique identifiers (UI), receive them and apply them individually on every product you produce. This is called Serialisation. Kvinta requests, provides and stores these unique identifiers and communicates with the respective regulator. All UIs can be aggregated and disaggregated according to different packaging level which are applicable in your industry. Kvinta serves as well your need on transparent reporting functionalities and analytics to gain additional benefits.

The main Track and Trace processes in Manufacturing are:

  • Order/Receive UIs
  • Serialisation on item level at production line
  • Serialisation on packaging level
  • Aggregation/Disaggregation of data on different packaging level
  • Submission of Data into a Kvinta Repository
  • Waste Management
  • UI Management
  • Handling with damages

Kvinta helps your company to meet all regulatory requirements for Track&Trace to ensure Compliance for both Manufacturers, Distributors, Resellers, etc. on the one hand side and Authorities on the other side. In addition, all parties involved gain Transparency on respective production volumes and product flows. It forms the basis for Analytics to identify process optimizations.

The main processes are:

  • Secure Compliance
  • Transparency on Production Volume and Product Flow
  • Basis for Analytics to support Authoritiy's agenda

With high customization and advanced analytic features Kvinta helps companies to be compliant with Track&Trace regulations, fight product falsification and illegal trade.

It is designed to connect all involved entities to enable efficient digitalization, transparency, and end-to-end traceability throughout the supply chain.


Kvinta cloud and its mobile stack are implemented in a non-blocking reactive style, giving best latency and throughput guarantees. Our data pipelines are designed to ingest millions of messages per hour. Kvinta cloud can scale up and down following the demand.


Kvinta uses Machine learning and AI for problem detection and resolution, anomaly detection and smart alarm triggering. The solution is capable of lean product recall process management and the efficiency assessment of supply chain partners.


A highly competitive pricing model several times more affordable than most prominent solutions currently on the market due to the flexible architecture of the solution.


Kvinta provides a fully featured mobile solution, switching seamlessly between online and offline operation for environments with poor connectivity. Our device management system enables targeted and reliable release management for the mobile apps.


All customer data are encrypted in flight and at rest. Additional Blockchain workflows enable an even higher level of security.


Kvinta uses a strict single tenant architecture.
The solution uses open-source and standard “the best of breed” technologies to ensure transparent and smooth transfer of ownership, allowing clients the option to self-host their Kvinta cloud.


Each data service in Kvinta cloud has a redundancy factor of at least three. Each bit of customer data is replicated among three availability zones. Kvinta runs a rich set of integration tests before any update, and we support our customers to include their test scenarios for both functional and performance regressions.


The solution is supported 24/7 with no exceptions.
The inherent redundancy built into the stateless service design of the Kvinta cloud, which is distributed and synchronised across multiple geographic regions, means that even in case of a Large Scale Event with underlying global internet infrastructure, Kvinta cloud will remain reachable to our clients.


Kvinta acts as central integration platform and is able to connect with the internal & external software solutions. Kvinta integrates out-of-the box with major cloud databases (both SQL&noSQL), user management and control access systems. (LDAP, POSIX, SAML).


KVINTA cloud serves as a Level 4 Т&T solution, offering a central repository for serial numbers and events and out of the box compliance reporting for different markets and legislations.

KVINTA is fully integrated with internal manufacturing, logistical, backend and sales solutions, as well as external supply chain partners and service providers.


Kvinta utilizes the latest technologies and the top experts’ experience to meet the business requirements of tomorrow

All track and trace data which is captured during production and product movement through the supply chain is stored in a Track&Trace Repository. A Track&Trace Repository contains all relevant rules to support the business processes, ensures the data integrity and provides tools required for the integration with external parties as well as with internal back end systems.
Mobile scanning is a critical part of the T&T solution. It is required to enable operators to capture the T&T data and send it to the T&T Repository. Kvinta utilizes this task within the system in a user-friendly way.
EXTENSIVE ANALYTICS CAPABILITYallowing periodic or real-time data extraction
Valuable operational Data can be either on periodic or on real time level extracted from the Kvinta T&T repository to conduct any kind of analytics to support client’s business decisions.
Flexible and robust release management enables the seamless deployment of new functionalities requested by the customers’ business.
Kvinta provides a huge variety of pre-defined reports and as well a user-friendly way to design own formats to minimise reporting effort.
AI TECHto stimulate advanced problems detection and resolution
Proactive problem detection in supply chain and manufacturing allows business to significantly reduce the operational risks and to increase the level of compliance.
VOICE RECOGNITION/ VOICE CONTROLto add value in operational
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With Kvinta we are providing a user friendly, reliable .. and flexible solution to not just meet your legal requirements but as well to deliver benefits for you out of the data. more
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Kvinta T&T Solution meets the rising industry .. standards and designed to work in a fast changing business world. more

3Keys is well known in serialization and track & trace consulting, with successfully implemented international projects for multiple industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Tobacco, FMCG (Food Industry). 3Keys is an expert in implementing Track & Trace either for legal compliance or for brand protection.

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We believe that a modern supply chain demands a new flexible and up-to-date serialization and T&T solution. Kvinta is here to help your business align with the market’s dynamics in the digitized supply chain practice.
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